The Standard

The Standard is our points of agreement in this movement.

  1. We have an alternative definition of Violence; Violence can be retaliatory or initiated, The root word of violence is violate, violence really means to violate one’s consent.
  2. We are Militarists; Militarism means to fight for a mission, the Militarist requires justification for his motives.
  3. We define citizenship by its duties.
  4. We are not Survivalists; the survivalist fights only for the survival of his tribe, he has no true purpose, and his actions don’t require justification.
  5. We are Anti-Democratic; Democracy is a system of division.
  6. We are Anti-exploitation, whether it may be economic or political.
  7. We are Anti-Tribalists, Tribalism is In-group egoism, altruism and out-group indifferences.
  8. We are Anti-Ethnocentrists,  Ethnocentrism is a piece of what is tribalism.
  9. We are Anti-Zionists, Judaism is Zionism, Zionism is ethnocentrism.
  10. We are apart of what is called “The True Left”, Communism and Liberalism are in the False-Left.
  11. We are for Unity; Unity through Nobility.
  12. We are against Liberty, Liberty is a slave-right.
  13. We are pro-freedom, freedom cannot be given; it is a purely spiritual idea.
  14. We are for our own defined idealism; idealism is an appeal to nobility as a source of moral authority.
  15. We are  Rationalists; Rationalism is Reliance upon logical knowledge.
  16. We are against what we define as empiricism; empiricism is an reliance upon observational knowledge.
  17. We are Radicalists; Radicalism positions based on the belief that improvement of people is both definable and possible.
  18. We are Revolutionaries; a Revolution is an uprising against the status quo based on dissatisfaction with its causes.
  19. We are Nationalists; Nationalism is all about folk and unity.

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