Our Movement’s Fundamental Position

Currently, our Program in all its details is under construction, but firstly we felt it beneficial to outline our most important Goals.

“Symbolic” Goals

1. We assert Australia declaring independence from the British Monarchy. We see that Australia needs to become an independent Republic.

2. We see the Union Jack on our Nation’s Flag as symbolically unacceptable, and we seek to find a more fitting representation for our Nation to the world.

Diplomatic & Foreign Relations

3. We seek to assert positively a greater relationship with the neighbouring Nations in our Oceania region.

4. We call for immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all US troops and military bases from our territory, and ultimately from all of Oceania.

5. We call for a cessation to Australia’s recognition of Israel, following the example of some of our other Oceanic neighbours (ie. Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei). Thus, as an example to our Region and to the World, we will persuade others to cease recognition of the State of Israel.



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