How Can We Oppose the Israeli Lobby?

When it comes to exposing Zionist power over the Australian Government, how far do we want to go down the rabbit hole? Simply consider the power of the Balfour Declaration after the Great War by Great Britain, and the fact that Australia remains within the auspices of the British Crown.

The influence of the “Israeli Lobby” (as it was dubbed by former Foreign Minister Bob Carr) is real, despite the fact that the Jewish community in Australia (mostly concentrated around Sydney and Melbourne) numbers less than 100,000 out of 23 million. The truth is that money always has a profound influence. Jewish influence (especially in the financial realm), far from being limited to Australia, is a worldwide phenomenon. Its international presence has a certain intimidating quality, in spite of its smallness, that cannot be ignored.

The Jewish lobby, spearheaded by the Zionist Federation of Australia, is constantly courted by Prime Ministers and Opposition leaders, showing themselves quite able to sway both domestic and foreign policy where it touches its interests.

Looking back in Australia’s political history, we can see how Zionist support for the government has fluctuated based on whether or not those in power were making decisions that reflected their will. In the 1970s, Labour lost Jewish support when the former Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, implied that Australia had not condemned the Arabs’ Yom Kippur attack on Israel. However, this favour returned with Hawke’s rise to power, and his unwavering advocacy of Israel.

Prime Minister Keating lauded the Jews’ “civilising influence” on Australia, the nation Israel as a “great cause,” and Jews as “great settlers, great Australians.” They loved him. But when the Foreign Minister, Senator Evans, criticised Israel’s Palestinian policies and human rights record, he was hauled over the coals.


They both look so happy!

Finally Exposed

In April of last year, shock-waves were felt when ex-Foreign Minister Bob Carr released his book, “Diary of a Foreign Minister,” primarily due to the exposure he clearly gave to the profound influence of the Melbourne Jewish Lobby on decisions made in favour of Israel by the Australian Government.

Somehow, although justice would demand that issue be taken on the spread of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, the Australian Government was hindered from even officially expressing concern, let alone calling for action to be taken. The “Israeli Lobby,” as he dubbed them, exercised a profound influence on Australian foreign policy.

Our First Jewish Prime Minister?


Our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is on the right.

Now after being led by our pro-Israel Tony Abbott, how auspicious it was that on one of the “high holy days,” one of his ministers is voted in by a marginal majority to the seat of Prime Minister. Now not only is Turnbull maintaining support for Israel, even calling for co-operative work with them, but it seems that he has a certain ancestral propensity towards this support.

Back in 2013, he told the Australian Jewish News, “My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish, whether that’s true or not, I don’t know.” When asked if this piece of information had impacted him as an individual, shaping his views, he responded with, “Yes, maybe.”

I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs and as we all observe there were a lot of Jews in the Eastern Suburbs and I have always been very comfortable.

There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the whole heimishe atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable.”

What is the Solution?

Now for those conscientious Australians out there, what choice do you have if you do NOT want your nation to support Israel’s atrocities? It seems that both Liberal and Labour are systemically pro-Israel. Zionist federation conferences are routinely addressed by the leaders of both major parties, both of whom equally routinely pledge Australian loyalty to the Jewish and Israeli cause.

The answer: Create a new political party that stands for what people know to be right in their conscience, both internationally and domestically. Such a party could not be formed merely on a token political programme, promises that sound so good, but when they come into power, they only prove to be yet another bunch of “politicans,” happy as long as they’re getting paid well.

We, the Australian Revolutionary Nationalist Movement, seek those who are willing to form the core of this new party, guided by a whole new philosophy of life, seeking to establish in this nation a bastion for true justice.

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You’re the Voice! — True Australian Aesthetic Sense

As racist and Islamophobic movements such as Reclaim Australia, United Patriots Front, Australian Defence League, unite to promote their point of view as the only truly Australian viewpoint that could be held (essentially calling any who hold a different point of view traitors to our nation), other Movements are rising in opposition such as No Room for Racism, to organise counter-rallies in hopes of representing a more embracing, compassionate, noble Australia.

A prophetic voice for a generation is all the more relevant now than ever.

A prophetic voice for a generation is all the more relevant now than ever.

Now these rallies were using famous tunes, expressing core Australian values as their anthems, while superimposing their own bigoted philosophies, and these Australian musicians don’t like it. One after another, these icons of contemporary Australian culture are speaking up, calling for the racist movements to NOT take the poetic license to defile their musical messages with their own racist overtones.

Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Men at Work, Midnight Oil – the list increases. One by one, they are making it clear that they don’t want their songs to be used in support of a movement that they do not support themselves.

Jimmy Barnes wrote,

It has come to my attention that certain groups of people have been using my voice, my songs as their anthems at rallies.

I only want to say the Australia I belong to and love is a tolerant Australia. A place that is open and giving. It is a place that embraces all sorts of different people, in fact it is made stronger by the diversity of its people. If you look at my family you can see we are a multicultural family. Australia needs to stand up for Love and Tolerance in these modern times.

None of these people represent me and I do not support them.

Jimmy Barnes

Then John Farnham through his agent made the following statement,

“John and I seriously oppose the use of John’s song at the rallies. It no way reflects our support in any way. There are other means to conduct protests. Just don’t use our song or Jimmy Barnes’ or Lee Kernaghans’.”

Colin Hay of Men at Work (who wrote the hit, “Downunder” in 1981) wrote in response to the use of his music,

“It has come to my attention that our song Down Under, which I co-wrote, has been used by Reclaim Australia protesters over the last weekend. I would much rather it wasn’t, We are Australians, we are all different, but therein lies our strength.”

Midnight Oil, in response to rallies in Adelaide using their song Short Memory, wrote,

“Midnight Oil does not endorse Reclaim Australia in any way. We ask that no Midnight Oil songs are played or used by the organisation. We are in favour of a tolerant Australia, made up of many cultures.”

So many of these artists wrote songs which were an inspiration to our generation growing up. We didn’t want to judge people merely based on where they had come from, or the colour of their skin, or such like superficialities, but on how they were seeking to contribute to the good of our society. The artistic soul of Australia is rising to show the way to a non-racist, unified Australian folk. Our diversity is our strength if we are united in the one goal of building up our nation.

May it be that another generation will find the courage to answer the call, “You’re the voice!” We can’t allow ourselves to be lulled into complacency. We need to be violent in our spirits to stand for the cause of truth and unity. We desire to see Australia become a nation known for its nobility and understanding.

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On Being the Absolute Worst (by Kate Cronin-Furman)

Imagine you are the government of a large developed country. You are a member of a variety of international conventions protecting the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. But you hate them. You hate them SO much. You want to put them in a sack and toss the sack in a river and hurl the river into space.

And yet, for some reason, asylum seekers keep trying to come to your country.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.55.31 PM

You put up jerky billboards in their home communities telling them that they are absolutely, positively, definitely not welcome. You send your navy out to intercept the boats of desperate people making their way toward your shores. The ones you catch, you promptly (and illegally) hand over to the abusive governments they were fleeing. You give equipment and money to those same abusive governments to help them make sure no one escapes.

But still they come.

You lock them up in a network of grim camps, insisting that your citizens’ security depends on proper “screening” of these new arrivals. You keep them there indefinitely. Some of them die.

Reports begin to trickle out of horrors – disease and malnutrition, a blind eye turned toward sexual violence and torture among the inmates, a climbing suicide rate. And worse: children separated from their parents and raped by the guards.

Human rights groups have run out of adjectives with which to deplore your treatment of these vulnerable people. Your international reputation is suffering. So you do the only thing you can: You make it a crime for detention center staff to talk about the conditions there, with a penalty of two years in prison.

Because obviously, you’d rather prosecute doctors and humanitarian workers who speak out about abuses than crack down on child rapists or meet your obligations under international law. Let alone reflecting for one goddamn minute about how bad things must be back home for someone to abandon everyone and everything they’ve ever known for the uncertain chance of surviving the perilous ocean voyage, evading the patrol boats you gave to their abusers, and landing in your grotesque excuse for a detention facility.

(Quoted from Wronging Rights)

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DONT PROTEST! Create a Network of International Political Parties

This is quite a good talk on the ineffectiveness of protests and occupational movements. Early successes cause appeal, but ultimately things get shut down. We need to encourage Movements to be built in a political realm to represent justice on an international level.

We need to establish an international social revolutionary movement.


Check out this You Tube video.

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Asylum Seekers and our Policy of Positive Asylum — Part Two

Now it should be pretty obvious from what we said in Part One, that appealing to empathy as our guiding principle makes it clear what not to do as far as our immigration policy. But what would empathy mean in terms of a positive policy? The amazing quality of empathy is that possessing it enables one to look not just one side of the story (the one that affects YOU the most) but to be able to look at an issue from all sides. We are concerned with the fairest, most just solution for all rather than just looking after the interests of a few. In this realm, merely materialistic and economic considerations are not the dominant force. There is much more to life than money.

Our Plan for Positive Asylum

On a broader scheme of our views on immigration, I will first compare and contrast what I see as essentially three perspectives that could be taken.

  • Firstly, we receive asylum seekers into our country and allow them to be freely enrolled in our welfare system, at the expense of our citizens.
  • Secondly, reacting to such a concept, we build up a wall, preventing immigration to a great degree.
  • Thirdly, what we dub “Positive Asylum,” which I will explain lastly.

If our Movement were to one day gain power in the shaping our our Nation’s immigration policies, this would be one defining point in our Movement’s programme.

In a welfare-dominated state, it is easy to look to our capacity to financially bear the burden of more needy asylum seekers as our primary concern. Where does the Government get the money to support the welfare system? It taxes its citizens, of course. So then it would only seem right that the interests of its citizens would be an important factor in deciding to increase this monetary burden, right?


Immigration at tax-payers expense

Of course, this would seem quite unreasonable, expecting the citizens of our Nation to bear an increasing burden involuntarily through their taxes. Aside from this, there are forces which assume that protecting our economy and culture requires that we oppose further immigration, maybe even considering deporting people “back to where they’re from.”

Anti-immigration policies set to “protect” our Citizens

Anti-immigration policies set to “protect” our Citizens

Well, now consider for a moment a whole shift in our paradigm.

Rather than gauging our Nation’s capacity for immigration on our welfare capacity, instead we look to our labour capacity. In no way do we advocate that asylum seekers would assume the right to welfare. (Neither do we assume this for citizens, for that matter.) Instead, we would support asylum seekers in finding their own employment in the private sector. It is amazing the capacity shown by grateful immigrants to find employment (a lesson could be learned by some supposed “citizens”).

Now for those who are unable to find such employment, we will establish a sufficient schedule of compulsory state-organized labour which would more than offset their living expenses (as well as contributing positively to the continued development and maintenance of our Nation’s infrastructure). This not only makes it fair for taxpayers, but gives the asylum seekers themselves respectability as contributing members of society (and hence, eventually worthy of citizenship). Towards such hard-working immigrants, contributing their strength and energy to our Nation, any negativity would be indefensible. Thus we express our empathy both for the asylum seekers and and at the same time for taxpayers – positive asylum.

positive asylum1

Both the citizen and refugee work to build up our Nation. Aid is given where necessary to both in exchange for creative labour.

Grass-Roots” Initiatives for Immigrants and Citizens

In the mean time, there are many positive ways that both immigrants and citizens can pave the way for greater understanding on both sides and a greater sense of harmony.

First of all, here’s our advice for immigrants:

  • You should voluntarily renounce your former citizenship, even though it’s not legally required to obtain citizenship here in Australia. You should also discard all national flags and other national symbols of your former country.
  • You should make an effort to become fluent in English as quickly as possible. If you speak only English in public, it shows respect to our Nation. Also whenever possible, speak English at home. Decide to make English, not the language of the country from which you emigrated, the first language of your offspring.
  • If you are ever subjected to violence or intimidation, do not relocate. Such tactics are aimed at pressuring you to move from your home; by moving, you indicate to the far-right that their tactics are effective and thus encourage them to use the same tactics on others. Stay put, be trained and equipped to defend yourself and seek support from fair-minded people in your community.

Here’s our advice to Citizens:

  • Do not assume that anyone is an immigrant based on appearance. Criticize others who make such unfounded assumptions. Do not patronize anyone with special treatment, either favourable or unfavourable, on the basis that they are immigrants.
  • Openly counter all attempts to incite hostility against immigrants. Expose their technique of manipulation through fear. Emphasize that whatever one’s opinion may be about handling of immigration issues, it does not entitle one to harass immigrants themselves. Instill the mentality that hostility against immigrants who are part of a local community is hostility against the local community as a whole.

Now most importantly, here is what needs to happen on both sides:

  • Make an effort to socialize across denominational lines. Identify foremost with your locality. Use the pronoun “we”/”us”/”our” to refer to this locality. Be a regular customer of local small businesses. Donate to and volunteer at local charities. Be prepared to physically defend fellow members of your local community against violence by far-right gangs, ideally by forming neighbourhood patrols (which can also do peaceful community work).
  • Remind others that these times of economic hardship are ultimately a test of character, in which the cowardly will increasingly preach division while the heroic will insist on goodwill in spite of all. Those who fail this test will be those who allow the hardship to defeat them, that they choose the coward’s road. Those who triumph will be those who pull together and compensate with spiritual rapport what we lack in material security.

An Empathetically-Governed State

Ultimately this same governing principle would affect our entire social welfare system. We would certainly want to have empathy for those who are suffering, or for whatever reason, lack the capacity for employment. But we don’t want to produce a patronizing system that causes people to become permanent dependents on the State. Instead, we would create a way for them to gain self-esteem as contributing members of society. Our society does not have to have a systemic unemployment problem.

Looking to the ensign of our Movement, we see the words of our National Anthem almost prophetic of our great hope, pointing towards our Movement’s goal:

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross

We’ll toil with hearts and hands;

To make this commonwealth of ours

Renowned of all the lands;

For those who’ve come across the seas

We’ve boundless plains to share;

With courage let us all combine

To Advance Australia Fair.



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Countering the Force of the Right

It seems in recent months and weeks, that the momentum is building towards a clash between right and left. The increasing volume of video broadcast through social media is astonishing! Everything at this point seems to be building towards July 18 – a major rally on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne at 1pm, organised by Reclaim Australia, and supported by United Patriots Front and other “patriotic” organisations around Australia who are (quote-unquote) putting aside their differences to unite against “extreme Islam.”

RALLY AGAINST RACISM - Saturday July 18 - 10am at Victorian Parliament House (Spring Street, Melbourne CBD)

RALLY AGAINST RACISM – Saturday July 18 – 10am at Victorian Parliament House (Spring Street, Melbourne CBD)

I want to take this opportunity to promote the counter-rally, as advertised by No Room for Racism on Facebook (check out their page!), which will be gathering at 10am, July 18. They are going to occupy the steps of Melbourne’s Parliament House and stand against the tide of racism, and if we are able to make it there (we’re based in Sydney at the moment) we would do it. Certainly, if the United Patriots Front can get on a bus and head down there, then maybe we can make it work.

For more information, see: Rally Against Racism

Here are the details for the anti-racist rallies around Australia:

Melbourne rally:
Saturday July 18, 10am, Victorian Parliament

Sydney rally:
Sunday July 19, 11am, Martin Place

Perth rally:
Sunday July 19, 2pm, Solidarity Park

Adelaide rally:
Saturday July 18, 10am, Parliament House

Brisbane rally:
Sunday July 19, 10am, Emma Miller Place (Roma Street)

Newcastle rally:
Sunday July 19, 10am, Customs House (1 Bond Street)

May it be that we could make the presence of a non-racist Australia known at these events, and not let the vocal minority of the Right fill the air with their opinions. Beneath the Southern Cross, we stand! Contact us!


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What Would You Want Australia to Do for Asylum Seekers If You Were One? — Part One

Something of the crude nature of parliamentary democracy is exposed in the media (and public) reaction to evidence of corruption in the current Government’s dealing with “people smugglers.” Why isn’t the focus on what would be the only just response towards these refugees seeking political and economic asylum in our country? Instead, the whole debate becomes just another tool of parliamentary politics. Where in all this “politics” is any real consideration given to the plight of refugees?


“Tony Abott has been paying off people smugglers…” “Well, the Labour were doing it already when they were in power…”

Considering the words of our national anthem, it is ironic to see now the Australian Government implementing what has been dubbed “the toughest border protection measures ever.” We probably forget the words of the second verse, not often sung.

For those who’ve come across the seas

We’ve boundless plains to share;

With courage let us all combine

To Advance Australia Fair.

Meanwhile, rather than work towards this solidarity, Right-wing Movements, such as the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia, are raising the heat in our Nation, in an effort to “protect” us from what they see as a threat from extreme Islam and from Third World immigration.

What impression is this giving of Australia?

What impression is this giving of Australia?

Sadly, this official position has not only been implemented here in Australia, but has been seen as a model to be followed. The Generation Identitaire in France, and similar movements throughout Europe have even taken on the “NO WAY” slogan for themselves, just replacing “Australia” with their own nation.


Sadly, Australia has become the Leader, but in the wrong direction.

Certainly, as the Right-Wing Movement increase in their public and concrete aggression, our Movement for empathy, justice and morality is going to need to prepared to meet it with confidence and determination. It’s not that we would ever want to initiate violence (something which our Movement sharply opposes in ALL forms); but sadly, when others initiate violence against the innocent, somebody has to reciprocate with violence to stand for what is right.

A New Policy of Empathy

Everybody knows it, whether they like it or not

Everybody knows it, whether they like it or not

Now first of all, place yourself in the position of the refugees. If you were a refugee fleeing from injustice in your original country, how would you hope your destination country would treat you? Well, your country ought to treat refugees from another country in that same way. “As we would hope others treat us, so should we strive to treat others.” It’s called the Golden Rule, but really whatever religion or culture you’re from, we all know this.


If you understand what I’m saying so far, you’re understanding empathy. If you want to stand for empathy and genuine morality, contact us.

Put the Shoe on the Other Foot, Mate!

Of course, safely “at home in Australia,” you have no fear of advocating cruel policies towards out-groups, because you know you’ll never find yourself on the receiving end of such cruelty. So for those who support the current right-wing, hard-line policies, we challenge you: PUT THE SHOE ON THE OTHER FOOT! Place yourself in the position of the refugees under the policies that you demand. If you think sending our Navy out to stop boats seeking asylum is right, would you still do it if you were on the boat?


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Set Yourself to Throw Off the Shackles of Slavery

Generally, all of humanity can be divided into three categories.

1) There are the people who complacently settle for slavery to the status quo.  Unconsciously driven by self-interest, they are ‘happy’ as long as their personal lives are unaffected by the decisions of those in power. Watching the news, reading the newspapers, they receive whatever opinion is being fed to them without consideration and censure.


Are You Settled to Being Just a Part of the Crowd?

2) Then there are the lower elements of humanity. Although a minority, they assert that their opinions are silently held by the majority. They make out as if their stance is the only morally defensible position that can be taken. They make immigrants and minorities the innocent victims of their rhetoric, in all the pursuit of a supposed “good of their nation and the generations to come”. While they flaunt their racism and bigotry as noble, in reality it is just a mask for their tribalistic self-interest. (Against such aggression for selfish ends, a Movement must rise with greater aggression to stamp it out!)


Supposedly this racist Movement stands for Australia. Do they stand for you?

3) Then in every people there are the higher elements of humanity. These too are in truth a minority in humanity, who stand for quality over quantity, who hold the banner of “Unity Through Nobility,” who seek to take a stand for true freedom and the end of exploitation. They will take a stand for the ideal, and put their lives on the line for it. When they appear, their lives are like a shining light to others.

In reality, while the majority live their lives in slavery, really they are just looking to somebody to lead them. In cringing fear, they may offer no resistance to those negative elements in society who stand up for what they claim to be their “right” (tribal self-interest), but when a truly positive Movement towards genuine unity and nobility rises with militancy, rising to oppose self-interest in all forms, who will find the courage and self-sacrifice within themselves to offer themselves to the cause?

Our Nation will only descend into degradation and depravity if these negative elements are too long allowed a voice without a stand being taken by those who know what is right and who are willing to put their lives on the line for their ideal. For our Movement to find strength and presence to oppose the rising tide of self-interest and racism, all who have within them the better elements of humanity must finally shake off the shackles of slavery and rally to the clarion call for the Truth.


If you hear the Call, contact us!

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#illridewithyou in Action

Ever since the Lindt Street Raid, Islamophobia has flared into quite a force on the Australian political scene more than ever. In recent months, we have seen the rise of Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front on one side, and the coalition of various organisations under the banner of Campaign Against Racism & Fascism.

However, we should never underestimate the value of grassroots activism. First, on the day of the Raid, on a Brisbane train, a young woman removed her hijab when she heard news of the incident. When Rachael Jacobs, Greens candidate for Brisbane, saw this, it prompted her to respond. Her simple act of kindness in offering to ride with her sparked the #illridewithyou Campaign (see #illridewithyou) It’s amazing how she said, “What good is one small action against an avalanche of ignorance?” Well, when someone stands up personally for what they believe in, the message can speak louder than even mass crowds with placards and screaming (not to say these things are bad in themselves).

Just another day on a Sydney train, before…

A few months back now, an incident occurred in a Sydney Train in which based purely on a woman’s attire, a lady began to verbally abuse her, accusing her and her partner of supporting ISIS.

Woman takes aim at her Hijab, and finally accuses her and her partner of supporting ISIS

Woman takes aim at her Hijab, and finally accuses her and her partner of supporting ISIS

Now, consider – if Eden had stayed silent, both the Islamophobe and the victims would assume that everyone on the train tacitly approves of the bullying, and hence not only would the victims end up feeling unwelcome in their own neighbourhood, but also the Islamophobe would be emboldened to do it again to someone else. In the worst case, the victims will feel so unwelcome that they could move somewhere else, and then the Islamophobes will see that their tactics are working and will then definitely repeat them on more and more other victims.

Stacey Eden, who came to the aid of a Muslim couple on a Sydney Train.

Stacey Eden, who came to the aid of a Muslim couple on a Sydney Train.

But simply by someone like Eden speaking up, the entire psychological flow can take a different course. Now no one is sure which side those who stayed silent actually sympathize with in their hearts, and so at the very least the Islamophobe cannot achieve the illusion of representing the neighbourhood in general. More importantly, the victims will know that they are not alone, and in particular that there are non-Muslims willing to defend them, so that they will not feel that they must seek support only from other Muslims in the neighbourhood (which leads to self-segregation), but instead will be encouraged to contribute to the neighbourhood community as a whole.

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Does Money Have to Be Such a Difficult Thing?

Part I – Understanding the Problem

Amidst the endless, brain-numbing talk between the parties of the centre-left and those centre-right in any given democratic country on the issues of privatisation, ‘leasing’ (which is just privatisation in disguise), taxes and interest rates lies the inescapable existence of money. It is this object to which virtually every single politician will base their policies and arguments around as opposed to at – those who have historically chosen the latter approach turn out like John F. Kennedy or Gough Whitlam, assassinated or prematurely disenfranchised. None who are ‘representatives’ in office dare actually question this God-like tool of social power directly when discussing the issues of poverty, the wealth gap or cuts to public funding; or more specifically, the issues that money – under its present mode of usage – cause.

The current central banking practice that encompasses virtually all democratic nations of the world – and this includes Australia – is based on the ‘concept’ (as if you could really call something that is purposely flawed a concept, but for lack of a better word …) of debt-based fiat currency. The official name of this concept is immediately off-setting to perhaps nine-out-of-ten people who hear it – no one really wants to know why ‘debt’ and ‘currency’ are appearing together in a term that is meant to imply wealth generation. Here this article will explain the debt-based fiat currency monetary model for what it really is – a government-approved, privatised, self-generating debt system; or as the bankers know it: go fuck yourself. This exceptionally oppressive financial paradigm is responsible for every war which has involved the United States (Banks) of America in the one hundred years (and counting) and is at the core root of why there is more slavery, social injustice, moral depravity, political corruption and poverty in the world today than ever before in the history of mankind.

The system is simple to understand. The central (or reserve) bank of any democratic nation in the world today is a joint private-government trust. In fact, the only role the government plays is the official recognition of that said entity (e.g. the Reserve Bank of Australia) as the legal provider of the money supply. The actual running central bank is left solely to the initiative of the private aspect of the partnership. And here is how they do it …

He’s not shirt-fronting any banks

The government decides that it needs to increase the national money pool. In doing this, they (the government) establish a contract with the central bank whereby treasury bonds (meaningless pieces of paper) valued at ‘x’ amount are traded with the central bank in exchange for an ‘x’ amount of legal tender (money). However, the government bonds are only an artificial means of goodwill, the central bank actually loans the money to the government with interest attached – the government is obliged by contract to pay back the money borrowed plus interest. Since the central bank is the only source of more money, the government can never generate the interest it needs to pay without another loan from central bank, which again, comes with more interest. Hence, the government and, by extension, the nation as a whole, is constantly in debt to the central bank (which if you haven’t figured out by now, is really just a private loan sharking enterprise encompassing international dimensions). Even if a said government was to tax its citizens 100 per cent of their income, they still would not be able to pay off the debt they owe to the central bank – simply because the interest does not exist until the latter prints an additional batch of money with more new interest attached. This is how ‘debt’ and ‘currency’ go hand-in-hand regarding the term ‘debt-based fiat currency’.

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