About our Movement

cropped-day11.jpgWe, the Australian Revolutionary Nationalist Movement, are the beginnings of a Radical Movement towards achieving Australia’s Destiny. Our Movement was established in May 2015.

As Australians, we want to see a truly Australian Nationalistic world-view established in our midst, which is first and foremost established on our unique outlook on the political history of our Nation and our wider region. Australia has grown to be far more than merely an English colony with a Anglo-centric perspective. Our Nation has a vital leading role to play in the greater Oceania region.

We are Revolutionary in the sense that we seek to establish a whole new paradigm – politically, socially, economically. Our Movement wants to see Australia do its part in the global Anti-Zionist front, to bring Australia as a nation into play in bringing an end to the global conspiracy to establish Zion as the capital of the world. We wish to bring revolutionary change to our nation’s economic system, removing our nation from its participation in the world-wide debt-based currency that currently holds all nations hostage to the international Money powers.

We are Radicals, not in the sense that we seek to be “extreme” as opposed to being moderate, but we are seeking to address the fundamental roots of society’s problems.

We are truly Nationalists. We seek to gather a Movement who will agressively combat the negative elements of racism, bigotry and division that presumes to represent the majority sentiment of our Nation. We want to stand for a unified Australia, a land where nobility is the goal. We wish to be the bulwark of a True Left Movement in combating the Right Wing racist, tribalist Movement that is seeking to lay hold of power in our Nation.

Our motto is: Unity Through Nobility

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