Set Yourself to Throw Off the Shackles of Slavery

Generally, all of humanity can be divided into three categories.

1) There are the people who complacently settle for slavery to the status quo.  Unconsciously driven by self-interest, they are ‘happy’ as long as their personal lives are unaffected by the decisions of those in power. Watching the news, reading the newspapers, they receive whatever opinion is being fed to them without consideration and censure.


Are You Settled to Being Just a Part of the Crowd?

2) Then there are the lower elements of humanity. Although a minority, they assert that their opinions are silently held by the majority. They make out as if their stance is the only morally defensible position that can be taken. They make immigrants and minorities the innocent victims of their rhetoric, in all the pursuit of a supposed “good of their nation and the generations to come”. While they flaunt their racism and bigotry as noble, in reality it is just a mask for their tribalistic self-interest. (Against such aggression for selfish ends, a Movement must rise with greater aggression to stamp it out!)


Supposedly this racist Movement stands for Australia. Do they stand for you?

3) Then in every people there are the higher elements of humanity. These too are in truth a minority in humanity, who stand for quality over quantity, who hold the banner of “Unity Through Nobility,” who seek to take a stand for true freedom and the end of exploitation. They will take a stand for the ideal, and put their lives on the line for it. When they appear, their lives are like a shining light to others.

In reality, while the majority live their lives in slavery, really they are just looking to somebody to lead them. In cringing fear, they may offer no resistance to those negative elements in society who stand up for what they claim to be their “right” (tribal self-interest), but when a truly positive Movement towards genuine unity and nobility rises with militancy, rising to oppose self-interest in all forms, who will find the courage and self-sacrifice within themselves to offer themselves to the cause?

Our Nation will only descend into degradation and depravity if these negative elements are too long allowed a voice without a stand being taken by those who know what is right and who are willing to put their lives on the line for their ideal. For our Movement to find strength and presence to oppose the rising tide of self-interest and racism, all who have within them the better elements of humanity must finally shake off the shackles of slavery and rally to the clarion call for the Truth.


If you hear the Call, contact us!

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