Tolerance is NOT Admirable

Amongst those who espouse the “virtue” of a multi-ethnic society, toleration is often spoken of as an admirable quality. However, at its root, toleration means putting up with something you dislike. Its not a quality necessary to live together with those who you respect and value for their quality and character. It is merely a temporary state of withholding the expression of your hatred and disgust.

Children are more friendly across ethnic lines than adults.

Essentially, the underlying message of toleration is: “You know and we know that everything wrong with society is caused by those anti-Semitic, anti-Western Third World immigrants, but let’s ignore this…” They are setting us up for the end of toleration. Rather than promoting true respect, they are actually programming you to hate other groups, and then reminding you how much you have put up with them, for the sake of a supposed “peace”.

Toleration is NOT what we seek to promote. We promote Unity: genuine honour, genuine empathy, genuine fellowship across the lines of ethnicity and religion against our common enemy, which is Slavery in all its various forms. We seek for the highest Freedom, which is not merely “liberties” doled out by a “benevolent government,” but the inherent duties of a noble humanity. Such nobility is not restricted by ethnicity, religion, philosophy or socioeconomic divisions.


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