Asserting our Nation’s Independence

One of the fundamental needs that our Movement sees for Australia to ultimately achieve its Destiny is to finally assert its absolute independence from the British Crown and Commonwealth. We desire to support in every way the campaign for Australia to become a Republic.

1000px-Australian_Aboriginal_Flag.svgAside from this, we see a very important aspect of this is our Nation’s Flag. Of course, we are not the only ones to see this vital need. Anyone who is truly an Australian Nationalist would see the currently symbols unacceptable in representing our Nation’s Character and Role in Oceania and in the World at large. We would support the possibility of Australia’s flag even capturing something of the “solar imagery” currently displayed in the “Aboriginal Flag.” We approve of its “solar symbolism,” seeing it as a representation of our link back to this ultimate Source of Life, a fitting acknowledgement for our place in Creation.

One of the potential submissions for a new Australian flag.

One of the potential submissions for a new Australian flag.

External Link: AusFlag – Various Submissions – This link is to a site regarding possible change to our Nation’s Flag. Here is one submission, which gives some sense of how the solar image can be incorporated into our Flag, while still keeping the distinctive “Southern Cross,” another prominent icon for our Nation.

We also give whole-hearted support to other Nations in Oceania who are seeking to break away from British domination, as well as in their flags. Fiji has already set in motion plans to hoist a new more fitting flag on Oct 11th of this year, the 45th year of their Nation’s Independence.

External Link: Fiji to Remove “Outdated” Union Jack

Also there are plans for a referendum to be held in the following year (2016) in Aotearoa (otherwise known as “New Zealand”). Currently, New Zealand, Australia and Tuvalu are the only other former British colonies that still have the Union Jack on their National Flag.

External Link: New Zealand Flag Debate

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